The Curators 

Roger Headey

Tel: 020 8440 8944

Peter Davies

Tel: 020 8440 7712

If you have a general enquiry, or come across any

problems on the Common, (whether it be fallen trees or branches on the paths, flooded ditches, bridges in poor repair - or anything else that could pose a danger to other users), please contact the

Duty Curator

Tel: 0701 424 6096

The Clerk to the Trustees, is Bill Boyes

Tel: 020 8449 8038

To contact the Friends of Hadley Common, please email

In the event of a fire please call the

Fire Brigade

Tel: 999 or 112

Riding motorbikes or quads on the Common is a criminal offence Any person riding a motorbike or quad on the Common (apart from on the roads) is contravening Section 34 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 (c 52), and if in addition this is being done without reasonable consideration for other people, that person is also contravening Section 3 of the same Act.

Furthermore in such circumstances, under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act 2002 (2002 c30), the Police have the power to seize and remove the motorbike or quad concerned.

as well as being very dangerous and unpleasant.

If you see anybody doing this, please immediately call the


Tel: 999 or 112

For any matter concerning this website, please email