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To seek views on a proposal for a new Act of Parliament

which would enable the ownership of the Common

together with certain related assets

to be transferred

from "the Churchwardens of the Parish Church of Monken Hadley in the County of Middlesex"

(“the Churchwardens” which, as a statutory corporation, holds the Common in trust)

to a new charity which would both OWN and MANAGE the Common

for the benefit of the general public

The consultation was carried out by the Management Committee of the Common, on behalf of, and with the full agreement of the Churchwardens.

The consultation closed on
30th August 2019

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Summary of



NEWS as at APRIL 2020

1st February 2020

A Bill to transfer the ownership of the Common to a new charity was deposited in Parliament on 26 November 2019 and was allocated to the House Of Commons. The Examiners have certified that the necessary procedural steps have been taken and the first and second readings took place on the 21st and 28th January 2020 respectively without any opposition being expressed by an MP, although objectors can lodge objections up to 30 January 2020. The Bill will now be referred to the Unopposed Bills Committee and a hearing should take place before Easter, which will be attended by one or both of the Churchwardens and their Clerk.

9th April 2020

No objections were lodged and the Bill was listed for a hearing on 4th March before the Unopposed Bills Committee. However, shortly before the hearing date, the Charity Commission raised some queries which related primarily to the constitution of the proposed CIO but could require changes to the draft Bill. We accordingly requested an adjournment which was granted. We then replied to the Charity Commission queries, which are relatively minor, but are still awaiting a response which has presumably been delayed by the shutdown. When these issues have been resolved, we will ask for a new date for the committee hearing, but it is inevitable this will not be until the summer at the earliest.


Any correspondence in relation to this matter should be sent to
Mr. W O Boyes, Clerk to the Churchwardens of Monken Hadley, 45 Clifford Road, BARNET, EN5 5PD
or by by email to consultation@monkenhadleycommon.net


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Set out below are links to various supporting documents which are referred to in the consultation document itself; more information on Monken Hadley Common can be found elsewhere on this web site.

Enfield Chase Act, 1777Monken Hadley Common was created by this Act of Parliament
Report of the Committee to Investigate Common Rights (Milne, 1902)Report of the committee appointed at the meeting of Commoners held on Easter Tuesday, 1901
Law of Property Act 1925, Section 193This is the legislation which gives the public access to the Common "for air and exercise"
Rules & Orders 1981The current Rules and Orders
Monken Hadley Conservation Area Character Appraisal Statement, 2007Published by Barnet Council

Woodland Management Plan 2016The current Woodland Management Plan
Monken Hadley Common Management Plan, 2016/17 to 2021/22The current Management Plan
Plans of Monken Hadley Common (c. Jan 2018)
Land Registry Title PlansAGL278910 & AGL359524