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Established under the Enfield Chase Act of 1777

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To search for words containing the letter "s", substitute "f" for "s".
e.g. To find "Middlesex", search for "Middlefex", and this will find both Middleſex and Middleſex.

However, plurals use the modern "s"
e.g. Search for "purpofes" and not "purpofef".
Searching the Act is unreliable. e.g. searches will typically find some, but not all, occurrences of what is being searched for. (The search facilty is provided by Google Books, and Monken Hadley Common has no control over how it operates.)
Bibliotheca Bodleiana Bibliotheca Bodleiana Bibliotheca Bodleiana -
the Bodleian Library, Oxford.

Digitised, and published online, by Google Books.