Since 1st December 2022 Monken Hadley Common has been owned and run by a new membership-based charity, the Monken Hadley Common Trust, the website of which, including contact details, can be found here.


For over 25 years the Common has been supported financially by another registered charity, the Friends of Hadley Common. However in view of that fact that the new Trust is a membership-based charity in its own right, the Friends is to be wound up during the first part of 2023 and its assets are to be transferred to the Trust, and in due course all the present members of the Friends will receive individual invitations to continue to support the Common by becoming members of the Trust on substantially the same terms as they presently enjoy with the Friends.

Since the Trust isn't yet in a position to accept new members ...

... if you value the Common, and you are not a already a member of the Friends


Membership application forms can be found on the Friends website.


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